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Chen Yeqi was born and brought up in the Shuiji town in Fujian province of China. One of the best Jian ware specialists of his generation since 1980, Chen has made a great name for himself in the ancient Song dynasty's art of Jian making.

His story of reaching the pinnacle of success in the industry is worth mentioning as it's not only about following one's dreams, but also inspirational.

Chen's birthplace Fujian is known to be the centre of origin as well as development for the Jian ware production. His love for Jian making and the passion to take it to the next level came naturally to him. In his youth, however, Chen Yeqi curbed his affinity for Jian culture and chose construction business instead.

As always, need wins the initial rounds in the battle against love. But the latter gets the final say. This is exactly what happened with Chen, as he ultimately left the construction business to come back to the Jian ware industry with ample support and encouragement from his life partner. With great dedication and zeal, he dived into the world of Jian ware carrying a firm belief to accomplish unequalled success in the Jian ware industry.

The road to success is never easy and offers many challenges. In order to taste triumph, you've to go through a phase wherein you're alone in your endeavors. This phase of the solitary and unsupported fight is the defining moment between success and failure. One can decide to go in a state of self-pity or to keep persevering towards the goal through continuous improvement.

Chen's story wasn't any different in this regard. During this phase, Chen drew strength from his inner self and maintained his fighting spirit. He focused entirely on his work, limited his social interactions and curbed all his hobbies to keep adding to his skills through extensive research. All his social activities were limited to interactions with other researchers and masters in the Jian ware industry to share experience and continue learning.

The Song dynasty's traditional techniques of Jian ware manufacturing have almost been completely forgotten. The national research and exploration teams have been striving to revitalize the millennium-old cultural heritage Industry through sustained efforts. The younger generation of analysts and masters have found methods to fuse the traditional technologies with modern knowledge to develop products to meet the needs of present and future generations.

Chen's journey from the initial choice of quitting his first job in the construction industry to becoming a modern master in Jianye has certainly been a tough one. Through his commitment, resolve and hard work of over a decade, he created a studio and has produced masterpieces in Jian ware that have been loved by fans and critics alike. He remarks that with strong family support and encouragement from the government, he can produce the highest quality Jian ware at his studio.



Chen Yeqi has tasted great success in his Jian ware manufacturing career due to his dedicated efforts. Few of the honors bestowed upon him are mentioned below :

1. Chen's work, "Husk Cai Oil Drop Dragon Teng" got short-listed for the China Craftsmanship Award at the Xiamen Cultural Fair in October 2014.

2. Chen was invited to participate in the 24th French International Cultural Heritage Exhibition at Louvre in October 2018.

3. Chen Yeqi was recently invited for exhibition and auction at the Grand Palace in Paris from 22nd to 26th May 2019.

Qian Kun
Wan Fo Chao Sheng

First picture (entries): 乾坤

Second picture (entries): 万佛朝圣·黄撇口


Chen's story teaches us that if you follow your heart and stick to your goals, you'll get success. Although his stint in the construction industry was only a small one, it gave him the unique edge in his craft. His distinctive touch in the Jian ware is highly appreciated by fans and art connoisseurs across the world.

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