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Yuwell rooted in medical science
To meet the health and medical needs of the whole process from no illness, disease to recovery

Group edition piece Homecare

Respiratory system: Oxygen concentrator/BreathCare PAP/Nebulizer/Oxygen intake device/Oxygen cylinder/Suction apparatus

Cardiovascular system: Electronic blood pressure monitor/Sphygmomanometer/Aneroid、Stethoscope/Fingertip pulse oximeter

Endocrine system: Blood glucose monitoring system

Home care products: Wheelchair/Thermometer/Medical electric thermometer/Anti decubitus seat/Anti decubitus mattress/Tractor for neck ache

Group edition piece Clinical Medicine

Medical imaging: DR medical X-ray machine/MRI magnetic resonance imaging system/CT computed tomography/Scanning system/DSA subtraction of blood vessel/Imaging system/Ultrasonic diagnostic imaging equipment

Surgical instrument: Surgical instruments series

Medical consumable: Indwelling needle and blood vessel/Blood glucose test paper/Atomization mask/Absorbable suture/Surgical knife/Insulin needle/Sterile dressing transparent wound dressing/Hydrocolloid dressing/foam dressing/Algal hydrochloric acid dressing/Chitin dressing

Infection control disinfection: Skin and mucous membrane disinfection product system/Hand sanitizing and surgical hand sanitizing product system/Environment and surface disinfection system/Instrument cleaning and disinfection product system/Hospital infection monitoring product system
Equipment of traditional Chinese medicine: Acupuncture needle/Cupping apparatus/Needle therapy instrument

Medical oxygen supply and diagnosis: Central oxygen supply facility/General diagnostic system/The attractor/Inspection package


Clinical medical Medical imaging

Noninvasive diagnosis

Clinical Medical Medical Sterilizing

Clinical Medical Equipment of Traditional Chinese Medicine


Clinical Medical Medical Oxygen Supply and Diagnosis

Medical oxygen supply and diagnosis

Clinical Medical First Aid Equipment

Clinical medical First aid equipment

Group Edition Piece Beautiful Life

Medical patches: Warm uterus stick/Cervical vertebra is stuck Joint post/Hot eye mask/Cooling gel/Carsick paste/Baby umbilical patch/Silicone adhesive tape/Plaster to prevent chapping

Home care series: Iodine cotton swab/Alcohol cotton piece/Mesical dressings/Transparent dressing/Elastic/waterproof band aid/Disposable surgical maskPM2.5 anti-haze mask with valve/Medical toothpaste

Medical beauty makeup: Professional mask dressing paste/Collagen dressing(facial restoration)/Collagen gel(care for eczema and acne)/Liquid collagen dressing(spray)/Collagen scar gum

Emergency kit/case series: Travel emergency kit/Household emergency kit/Vehicle emergency kit/Campus emergency kit/Sports emergency kit/Emergency kit for community health center/Hospital tour package

Functional dressing: Foam dressings/Alginate dressing/Chitin dressing/Hydrocolloid dressing/Scar patches/Hydrogel dressing

Optical correction: Contact lens/Reading glasses /goggle

Group edition piece beautiful life

Group Edition Piece Internet Healthcare

Group edition piece Internet Healthcare
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