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How does an oxygen concentrator work?

When your healthcare provider feels that your oxygen levels aren't able to maintain a healthy level, then they might suggest you start oxygen therapy. There are many ways to supplement your oxygen, so you'll have a lot of options to choose from. One of those devices is called an oxygen concentrator. This is one of the most convenient ways to supplement your oxygen. You can learn everything you'll need to know about it here.


How Does it Work?

You might be wondering, how does an oxygen concentrator work? The oxygen concentrator works by collecting the air you normally breath in, and filtering out the nitrogen. So when you take a breathe in with your device, it will allow you to breathe in pure oxygen. The way it's able to filter the air, is through a process called compression. To use your oxygen concentrator, you'll simply insert the tube known as the nasal cannula. Some people prefer to use a mask instead, and that works equally just as well. It's just a matter of preference. Once you have your tube or mask on, you'll be able to start your oxygen supplementation. All you have to do is take a breathe in and out, like you normally would. The great thing about the oxygen concentrator, and one it's best qualities, is the fact that it never runs out of oxygen to provide you with.


You will always have an unlimited supply of oxygen. Unlike the oxygen tanks that require you to replace them whenever it runs out of oxygen. That's part of what makes it so convenient. There is no replacing your tank required. That's because all of your oxygen comes in from the air that you breathe in. Just like when you drink filtered water, your oxygen tank is essentially doing the same thing to the air that you breathe in. It filters it out, leaving you with only pure oxygen to breathe in. The only thing that is required to maintain a continuous flow of oxygen, is to keep the batteries charged. Some people might love this feature, and others might not. But the fact that you can charge your machine just about anywhere you go, makes it portable and easy to use. It's lightweight, which makes it simply for mobile use at home, or on the go.


Who Needs An Oxygen Concentrator?

If your oxygen levels are too low, then your healthcare provider will recommend oxygen supplementation. This usually happens if your oxygen saturation levels fall below 95 percent. Anyone with a medical condition that causes them to struggle breathing, or causes low oxygen without any other symptoms present, will need to use this device. There are a number of things that can trigger low oxygen. Anything from sleep apnea, asthma, heart failure, pneumonia, to other less well-known conditions. Low oxygen levels can happen to anyone at any age. It does tend to be more common as we get older to experience difficulty with breathing. It's especially common for individuals that smoke or previously smoked.


It can also be more prominent in those that have a family history of breathing disorders, or a recent illness that has caused your oxygen levels to drop. Whatever your condition is, you'll find peace of mind in knowing that it's treatable through oxygen therapy. If you choose to use an oxygen concentrator to supplement your oxygen, then you'll be happy to know how much more convenient it is, compared to the other options that your doctor might suggest. While it does tend to be more costly than the oxygen tank is, most people feel that the additional cost is well worth it for the added convenience. Another benefit to using the oxygen concentrator is the fact that you won't ever have to worry about any leaks.


When your oxygen is already low, the last thing you need to worry about is a leak in your machine. This can cause your oxygen levels to drop even more, and could be dangerous for your health. By using the oxygen concentrator, your eliminating this problem altogether. You'll also have an unlimited supply of oxygen at all times, and can use your device wherever you'd like. The fact that it's mobile, makes it really easy for you to use anywhere you want. If oxygen supplementation is what you need, then having the additional convenience will make all the difference for you, and your loved ones.

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