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Why is Jian ware more expensive than other tea sets?

Jian ware is a kind of tea set that can be used as a collection or as a gift for a friend. Anyone who knows Jian ware knows that the price of Jian ware is relatively expensive compared to ordinary tea sets.


1. Low Yield
As the saying goes, "A thing is valued if it is rare", each set is unique. As well as the production steps being complicated and the yield is low. These reflect the preciousness of the special tea cups.
2. High Process Cost
Jian tea cup is a ceramic art that truly tests the combination of clay and kiln. Jian's firing process is the most difficult for porcelain, as well as having the lowest yield. The harsh conditions make it impossible to break a set. Many successful craftsmen in other ceramic fields all agree that their craftsmen for the Jian ware are very difficult. Some capitalists have wanted to intervene in this industry, but they have failed because of the difficulty of the industry.


2.1 Jian is a finished product, its molding process can be divided into several types:

  1. The highest cost is the handmade.

  2. Secondly, semi-manual.


Quality Jian tea cup is basically handmade, so therefore the price is higher. It can't build large-scale factories like most ceramics in Jingdezhen City. The technical level of workers is not high since the production of assembly lines, high output, high yield, and to meet the huge demand of China and the world.


My father used to work in Jingdezhen for 8 years. He help his boss built a lots of large-scale factories, group management, and capital interventions to serve the world's huge ceramic needs with mature technology. The production of semi-manual porcelain that was produced by the assembly line is more easy than Jian ware.

Ceramic factory

The products on my website are the highest level master in the industry. Most of them only accept 1-2 apprentices or only pass on their many years of experience to their children. They will engrave their names at the bottom of the bowl. Most of the products produced in Jingdezhen will be engraved with the seal of Jingdezhen.

Jian ware does not have an artificial line like other porcelains that rely on the lines of glaze to attract tea drinkers. I have been exposed to Jingdezhen porcelain since I was a child, but when I first used Jian I realized that other people must be attracted by the beauty of this porcelain, I'm sure that you will too.

Every piece of work is unique. Even the same master. the same time of glaze and firing and the texture is unique. Therefore, I once again affirm that there will be a certain degree of difference in the lines of the works you receive. Like the ukulele that I love, every ukulele has a different texture, and I promise that I will pick the most beautiful lines for you!

Best jian wares

You will see that some master's products are out of stock somtimes because the works of these masters are largely purchased by Chinese consumers and so, therefore, the production is scarce. For the products above $200, I will need to verify that there is inventory available. When you place a certain order, I will notify you by email.


2.2 The cost of building a kiln is high, whether it is an electric kiln or a gas kiln.


2.3 Secondly, the kiln needs to have the experienced masters to work together, as well as sufficient funds to create a good set. In addition, the firing is also divided into wood-burning and electric burning. This difference is very big as the tradition kiln burning is built according to the mountain topography. The wood is fired by selecting pine wood, and etc. The burning cost is high and the price is relatively expensive. Today, most artists use electric burning, which can be precisely controlled by electric heating.

The construction rate of Jian ware is very low, and even experienced artists may not be able to produce excellent sets for several months. Complex processes combined with low yields have also made Jian ware more and more precious. A kiln is released, and the yield of 20-30% is already high!

In theory, firing a perfect set requires meeting the following conditions: the ratio of clay to glazing has to be perfect, and the temperature must be accurately controlled during the firing process. This is very important, which makes it difficult to master.

So therefore no Jian ware is 100% perfect. Not only that but the same clay, the same craft, and the same temperature is impossible to perfectly copy. So no two Jian ware is the same, so craftsmen can only pick the best products for sale in each batch.

Why is the defective rate of Jian ware so high? There are 8 kinds of major defects in Jian ware:


1. Cracking:

Cracking is a relatively common flaw because Jian ware needs to be fired at a high temperature of 1300 degrees. This makes it easy to lose moisture during the firing process, which can then lead to cracking of the embryo body or excessive iron content. This can also make it easy to cause dry cracking.


2. Glaze Skipping:

Glaze skipping is due to the glaze grinding too fine. This results in an uneven distribution during the firing process. Most of the glaze is present inside, affecting the aesthetics of the overall glaze.

Glaze Skipping

3. Drum Bag:
Most of this phenomenon is that the glaze is too heavy. High temperature is encountered during the firing process, and bubbles are easily generated in the flow of the glaze.

Drum Bag

4. Explosive Glaze:
If the temperature is too high, it is prone to bulge or crack. Similarly, if the temperature is not high enough, shrinkage cracking will occur.

Explosive Glaze

5. Sticky Bottom:
It is mainly that the glaze embryo is thick and will flow, and the excessive amount of glaze will form glaze lines. However, if the glaze is too heavy, the phenomenon of sticking to the kiln may occur. It is also possible that the temperature is too high and the glaze is too thin.

Sticky Bottom

6. Deformation:
Firing deformation may be caused by insufficient control of the temperature and problems with the quality of the embryo body itself.


7.Temperature control is not accurate:
The temperature is too high and too low, can not meet the requirements.

temperature too low
temperature too low

8.The larger the size, the more raw materials are used, the larger the firing area in the kiln, and the higher the defective rate.


3. High Collection Value
Japan has collected several pieces of Jian wares from China. Two of these were called "Yohen", and they are also regarded as national treasures. Nowadays, many collectors and stars like to collect them. Which are unique and beautiful, and indeed have collection value.

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