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10 Questions about Jian Ware

Question 1: What is Jian ware(Jian Zhan)?

A: Jian ware, which means the black glazed tea bowls that were built from the Jian kiln in the Song dynasty.

The original kiln was called Jian Yao (jian ki). Jian ware is the representative of black glazed porcelain, which used to be The royal tea set in the Song Dynasty.


Question 2: What is Jian kiln?

A: Jian kiln is the Jianzhou kiln, also called Jian Yao (建窑). The kiln for burning porcelain in the Tang and Song Dynasties, it was accustomed to the name of the county.

Such as Yaozhou Kiln, Jizhou Kiln, Yuezhou Kiln, Xingzhou Kiln, Dingzhou Kiln, etc. The word "Zhou" is sometimes omitted, such as the latter three kilns, which are often referred to as Yue Kiln, Xing Kiln, and Ding Kiln.

The Jian kiln is the abbreviation of Jianzhou Kiln, which is a representative and famous kiln in the Song Dynasty.

Question 3: Where is the ancient Jianzhou now?

A: Jianzhou, this state was established in the Tang Dynasty. The Song Dynasty inherited, but the border changed slightly.

The Jianzhou area is mainly in several counties and cities such as Jianye and Jianyang in Nanping City of Fujian Province. The name of "Fujian" is from the word "Fuzhou" and "Jianzhou".


Question 4: Where is the specific location of the Jian kiln site?

A: The Jianyao Site is located in Houjing Village and Chizhong Village, Shuiji Town, Jianyang District, Nanping City, Fujian Province.

The kiln site area is about 120,000 square meters. In 2001, the kiln site was announced by the State Council as the fifth batch of national key cultural relics protection units.

Jianzhou Map

Question 5: What is the history of Jian Klin?

A: The current research believes that the Jian ware was begun in the late Tang Dynasty, flourished in the Song Dynasty, and declined in the Yuan Dynasty.

The representative work of the Jian kiln is the black glazed teapot. The history of burning black glazed porcelain in China is a long history, but the black glazed porcelain has not been particularly loved by the Chinese people for a long time.

Until the emergence of the Jiian kiln, the production process of black glazed porcelain was pushed to the historical peak.

The black glazed porcelain of Jian kiln, whether from its glaze or shape, has formed an unprecedented influence in the Song Dynasty.

It also plays a pivotal role in China's history of science and technology, ceramic history and tea history,

Question 6: What's the feature of Jian Ware?


A: 1. The glaze of Jian Ware is divided into colors that belong to the black glaze. It belongs to the high-temperature glaze from the firing temperature.

2. The earth and glaze of the Jian Ware have high iron content. The shape is often greyish black, so is called "iron shape". The most special thing is that the Jian Ware naturally formed iron crystal spots on the black glaze.

3. The representative glaze of Jian Ware is "hare's fur", also has oil droplets and variegated glaze. Its shape, color, and distribution of the crystal are changeable and various.

4. Jian Ware is born for tea. Due to technical constraints, Jian Ware generally has a thick glaze.

5. Because of the technological characteristics of Jian Ware, there is a low rate of finished porcelains and nearly no duplicates. Each one is unique.

Dragon Klin
Dragon Klin
Dragon Klin
Dragon Klin

Question 7: What is the status of Jian Ware in history?

A: Jian Ware is the best tea sets in Song Dynasty of Tea Contest and Tea Tasting.

They all loved Jian Ware no matter from the high-ranking officials such as Emperor Huizong of the Song Dynasty or to the civilians, the soldiers and pawns.

The archaeologists excavated Dragon Klin of Jian Ware, it has a length of 135.6 meters. That is the longest dragon kiln discovered so far. It can be seen how large and popular of Jian Ware. It can be said that Jian Ware was the "national tea set" of the Song Dynasty.

After the Song Dynasty, the custom of drinking tea, it gradually faded out of the Chinese people's vision. However, in Japan, it is still regarded as a treasure. The Japanese authorities have designated four Jian Wares as national treasures in modern times.

In addition, world-class museums in the United States, the United Kingdom and other countries also collect Jian Wares.


Question 8: How is the inheritance of Jian Ware's firing technology in modern times?

A: Jian Ware stopped firing for hundreds of years, the imitation of Song Jian Ware was successfully developed according to the national funding support and the experts of many research institutions.

In 2011, the “Jian Ware's firing technology” was approved by the State Council and listed in the third batch of national intangible cultural heritage.

Question 9: How to appreciate the beauty of Jian Ware?

A: Song Porcelain is a monument to Chinese ceramic art, especially the monochrome glazed porcelain.

Among them, the black glaze of the Jian Ware in the Song Dynasty is the trendsetter, also became the representative. The beauty of Jian Ware is the embodiment of the aesthetics of the Song people.

It is simple, indifferent and natural. In the Song Dynasty, Jian Ware was praised by many literati and even the emperor Song Huizong.


Question 10: The pattern of Jian Ware is so special, is it suitable for modern people to drink tea? Is it safe?

A: The authentic Jian Ware is made by high-temperature around 1300 degrees, also used natural glaze and fetal soil.

It can test by scientific means and meet the national standard for daily use. It is safe and non-toxic and can be used completely for making tea.

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