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Oxygen Concentrators vs. Oxygen Tanks

PUBLISHED: Nov-11-2019

When deciding on which type of oxygen supplementation you want, you might want to know the difference between oxygen concentration and oxygen tanks. While they both provide you with oxygen, they each work a little different. Before making the decision to choose one or the other, you should learn about all of the advantages first. There is no right or wrong choice, it just comes down to a matter of preference and your individual needs.

Oxygen Concentrator

Oxygen concentrators tend to cost a little more out-of-pocket, but that's only because of the additional qualities that come along with it. Unlike the portable tank, it used an endless supply of oxygen. The reason you're able to receive a continuous flow of oxygen without ever running out, is because of the way that oxygen is delivered using this device.

The way it gets oxygen to you is by filtering out the air you breathe in. The air you normally breathe in contains nitrogen, which is then filtered out so that you're able to breathe in pure oxygen.

Another great benefit to using an oxygen concentrator is the fact that it doesn't require you to replace your tank, like the oxygen tank does. This makes it much more convenient for you to use, and also ensures that you have a continous flow of oxygen that doesn't ever run out. You don't have to worry about any leaks, that could cause you to lose your oxygen supply.

Oxygen tanks can leak because they have the oxygen supply inside of a refillable tank. Oxygen concentrators don't rely on oxygen that comes in a tank, but instead it filters out the air you breathe in. That's the main difference here between the concentrator and tank. Here's a quick overview of the advantages to using the oxygen concentrator:

  • provides an unlimited supply of oxygen.
    filters out the air you breathe in.
    doesn't cause any leaks.
    portable and lightweight.
    convenient and easy-to-use.
    operates on batteries, making it easy for you to charge.



Oxygen Tank

These are also portable machines that allow you to easily carry around your oxygen tank with you. It is a little heavier than the oxygen concentrator, due to the oxygen being inside of the tank. You can choose between a continous flow, or on-demand flow. If you're condition is chronic, then you'll want to use a continous flow.

If you don't feel that you need oxygen supplement as often, then you can probably get away with on-demand use. This means that it will only supply you with oxygen when you take a breathe in, as opposed to a continuous stream of air.

Oxygen tanks do require replacement tanks, whenever the oxygen starts to run out. You'll want to replace it well in advance before running out of your oxygen supply. Unlike oxygen concentrators, which never run out of oxygen, because it filters pure oxygen out from the air.

Due to the storage of oxygen in the tank, it can cause leaks. This could cause you to lose your supply much sooner if you have a leak. The upfront cost of the oxygen tank tend to be more affordable, but doesn't come with as many benefits as the oxygen concentrator. Here's a quick overview of the advantages of the oxygen tank:

  • portable and easy to carry around.
    lower upfront costs
    no battery requirements



There are some similar aspects between oxygen concentrators and oxygen tanks, but there are different advantages to both.

While the oxygen concentrator has a higher upfront cost, it comes with more benefits than the oxygen tank. They both serve their purpose, and provide you with a continuous flow of oxygen if needed. However, the way that your oxygen is delivered is different with each device. It's up to you to decide what you feel is best for you. If you prefer to make the decision to use the oxygen concentrator, then you can look at it as a future investment.

This is something that will last you for years to come, and will make your life much easier in the long run. However, if you're unable to cover the higher out-of-pocket cost for the oxygen concentrator, then you'll be happy to know that the oxygen tank is a good choice as well.

If you're looking for convenience, then the oxygen concentrator is the best choice. If you're looking for a lower cost upfront, then the oxygen tank would be the best option. There are no right or wrong choices when choosing between them.



Which One is The Better Choice?

They both work equally just as well at providing your oxygen needs. There isn't one choice that's better than the other. It purely comes down to your needs, as they are both reliable options. The main difference between the two is the way the oxygen is delivered to you.

If you don't mind refilling your oxygen tank when it gets low, than the oxygen tank can be a good option for you. On the other hand, if you're looking for something with more convenience, then the oxygen concentrator would be a good choice for you.

You won't have to worry about refilling a tank with the oxygen concentrator, because the oxygen is supplied through the air you breathe. It never runs out of oxygen, as long as you charge the battery. However, you will have additional upfront costs.

With convenience usually comes additonal expenses, but it makes it worth it. If you feel that the added cost is worth the ease of use, then the oxygen concentrator might be for you. Keep in mind that even though oxygen tanks aren't as convenient, they still allow you the ability to be mobile. It's a portable machine, just like the oxygen concentrator.

Depending on how often you need oxygen, will determine how often you'll need to refill your oxygen tank. If you have a chronic condition that requires you to have a continuous flow, then you will need to refill it more frequently. If you only need it on-demand, then you won't need a refill as often. It's up to you and your healthcare provider to decide what's the most beneficial to you.

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