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Ye Liwang was born in August 1965 in the family of ceramic artists. Being a 3rd generation in the same trade, Liwang started learning about ceramics at an early age. He has carried out extensive research on ceramic technology for over 3 decades. His studies were initially about ceramics in general before he shifted his focus on the "Hare's Fur" subsequently. Through his sheer hard work and dedicated efforts, Ye is arguably the best master of "Hare's Fur" in the industry. He's also the inheritor of the National Intangible Cultural Heritage.

"Hare's Fur" is perhaps the best type of Jian ware from the ancient Song dynasty. Covered with filaments on black glaze, the colors and patterns on a finished piece have a striking resemblance with the fur of a rabbit. This is how, it got it's name. It's one of the most difficult Jian ware to master as a perfect match of numerous steps is required to be achieved in order to make a masterpiece.

Hare's Fur

Master Ye has dedicated his entire life to the art of Jian ware. He has indepth knowledge about all the processes involved. He exercises complete command over the complete manufacturing procedure from debugging to glazing, including selection of the right type of soil, mixing in the correct proportions, maintaining the optimum temperature etc. One of the most critical factors in Jian ware production to get the best texture is the glaze formula, which Ye has mastered thoroughly.

Hare's Fur

His interest in the ancient Song dynasty's Jian ware was sparked during his young days, while working in ceramic factory. Ye continued working in the factory while the Jian ware was under revival. His hard work at the factory laid a sound foundation for him to learn the more complex Song dynasty's technology.

Hare's Fur

Although losses can be minimized with his decades of experience, they can't be completely eliminated. The rate of success in producing the right piece is very low and almost 50-70% of the material ends up in the scrap. There are various factors that decide the successful production of Jian ware. Any problem or issue encountered in any one of these factors can result in wastage of complete efforts.

The success of master Ye Liwang can be attributed to the concentrated efforts that he has put in studying the "Hare's Fur" after understanding the basics of Song dynasty's technology. In his own words, "Persistence is the key to success and concentrated efforts in a specific area yield better results" and certainly, that's exactly what he has done. His works are high in demand all over the world and are appreciated by fans and critics alike.

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